The secret of being a great tutor

There are a many who pretend to be private tutors. The truth is that it is easy to start but it’s also easy to fail. In any job that you have you need to be good at it in order be successful and you need to like it if you want to be good at it.

Being  a successful tutors takes a lot of time and dedication.  Here are some things you should take into consideration:

  • A good tutor needs to have a good knowledge of national curriculum applied to his subject and always be aware of the latest changes regarding the examination boards, especially the exam entrances to different schools because there are  more specific depending on the school.
  • Tutors should be happy enjoyable persons who permanently encourage and motivate their students about learning. They make students curious and interested about the subject and gradually build the confidence.
  • Never tell the pupil that the exercise is difficult, they often think that their tutor is a genius so if the tutor finds the work difficult, the student will believe it is impossible.
  • Appearance. No matter what people say, appearance is important. Tutors should dress smartly at all times, men should wear ties and all tutors should avoid wearing jeans. Cloths give confidence to people and make them be more respected, appreciated and have more authority. They need confidence to give confidence.
  • Respect and commitment. Don’t forget about appointments and don’t be late. Do not run the lessons by the clock, a few extra minutes to finish the exercise and do a short revision of the lesson. It is essential for a good session.

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