About the QTS skills test and tutoring


What is QTS numeracy skills test?

Qualified Teacher Status test is required before you start teaching in any subject.  This test is not only for maths specialists but for everyone who dreams about becoming a teacher. Its main purpose is to remind you about the basics of maths, and how to use it in your reports and lesson plan.

QTS test changes from 2015

According to the official website of the Department of Education the QTS test will graduatelly become more difficult. The test is designed to be similar to the GCSE standard tests level C at the moment.

How difficult is the QTS test?

Statistically 80% of people pass the test the first time. The numeracy skills test has two sections: a mental arithmetic’s part with 12 questions, where a pre-recorded voice is reading the questions and you have 18 seconds to answer each one of them. You are allowed to use pen and paper but the test needs to be taken online.

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The second section is formed of 16 statistics and arithmetic’s questions that you have to solve. The good news is that in order to pass your QTS test you need to score 18 marks out of 28 questions answered correctly. The test lasts for 45 minutes and the pass park is 63% on both literacy and numeracy.

The bad new is that you are only allowed to sit the QTS test 3 times and if you fail it each time, then you are not allowed to take the test for the following two years.

How many hours of  QTS tuition will I need?

Generally between  6  and 8 hours of tuition are enough to build your confidence and get you used to the types of questions you will get.
An average person needs 4 hour of Mental Arithmetic tuition and 4 hours of exam prep for the on-screen questions.

What am I going to learn?

We will teach you how to solve the problems for each part of the test, and help you get used to the types of questions specific to the QTS numeracy test.

Where would the  QTS tuition going to take place?

The QTS tutoring location is depending on our tutors. if we have someone in your area the tuition can take place at your house or the tutors hours. If we can not offer a tutor in you area, arrangements can be made for the tutor to travel to you, or meet you half way, depending on how far from you he lives.

How much does  the QTS tutoring cost?

The rates depend on the location and the time the tutor spends to get to you.

When should I book my QTS tutor?

We recommend you to book a tutor at least 3 weeks before the exam.

Where can I find more Practice for the QTS skills tests?

 For more practice, download our QTS Numercy App or check our free practice QTS questions.

Also, you might want to download the QTS numeracy curriculum.

Or book your QTS skills tests