QTS test on screen section


How does the QTS maths tuition work?

On the first session the numeracy tutor will introduce you to the basics of the first section -mental maths shortcuts, a fast revision of fractions, percentages, decimals, long multiplication, multiplication with decimals, fast division, fraction simplification, fraction addition.

After this fast revision the next few sessions you will practice with your tutor, until you feel confident enough. The next session after that, audio materials will be provided for practice. You tutor will estimate if there is need for additional practice.

Getting started with the On screem part of the QTS numeracy test

On the second part of the test, the first thing you need to revise with your tutor the whiskers and boxes, how to represent a lower quartile, median and upper quartile.


whiskers and boxes


Another lesson you will revise with your tutor is the pie charts, and how to express a fraction and percentage on a pie chart.


pie charts


You will also have to revise for the on screen section is the positive and negative correlation on a scatter graph.

correlation chart

The last lesson that you will have to revise includes the on screen questions regarding the frequency.

frequency table

 If your weekest are is the  Mental Maths section, download our QTS Numercy App

Where can I find more Practice for the QTS skills tests?