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The Qualified Teacher Status test is a basic English test that any person who wishes to become a teacher. Regardless if you are studying at undergraduate or postgraduate level, the test has to be passed before starting to get qualified.

QTS literacy test includes:

The test itself has five sections and the passing mark is 63%. The test lasts for 45 minutes and the sections are:

1. Spelling

The spelling part includes ten phrases. On each phrase there is a word in audio format and a blank space that needs to be filled.

2. Punctuation

A paragraph is given to you and you will have to find and correct the punctuation mistakes.

3. Multiple choice

The section contains passages where you have to choose the correct expression

4. Multiple choice

The section contains passages where you have to choose the correct time and form of the verbs.

5. Comprehension

In this section of the QTS literacy test you will have some paragraphs to read and some questions to answer .

First, we would advice you to practice some tests on line, if you pass all of then, then you might not even need a tutor.  f you have failed several test then it is better to take a few lesson and then book the test.

How does the QTS literacy tuition work:

Our motto is “No man gets left behind” We will do our best to find a way  to tutor you even if we don’t have an available tutor in your area. We usually book 2h lessons because it is more efficient for both you and the tutor, especially if long distance traveling is involved . Our tutor are experienced and confident with the literacy test, because they have already passed it, so don’t hesitate and fill in the form on your right sidebar and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible.