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The competition in London is fierce for Grammar School and Independent School, even for the primary level. Because of this, we recommend you to book at least one hour week

On the first primary tuition session

The tutor will give the student a file, where he will put all the materials provided by the tutor every week. All lessons are designed according to the National Curriculum. Our tutors use a vast range of learning methods, that are suitable for all types of cognitive profile, so your child will visualize, hear and write the information in order to assimilate it. When teaching the lessons, we use all of these methods, to help him learn according to his needs.

We are doing our best to make lessons more enjoyable. Most of the time, we use a reward system of stickers or other things to motivate the student, depending on the child’s preference and age. We like to please and encourage him when he does a good job.

Verbal reasoning tuition for primary 

Verbal reasoning is quite a popular subject required for entry exams. The students are asked to write texts, give synonyms and other exercises. All this tasks are meant to test their level of comprehension and ability to write correctly and to use their imagination. The mission can easily be accomplish if the child is used to the specific type of tests, compositions and if he has a broad vocabulary. The tests are the ones that he is going to practice with his tutor but he should read a book from time to time, in order to improve his vocabulary and stimulate his imagination.

Transferable skills from primary level 

If you child is getting maths tuition he will also improve his reading and spelling, by writing the exercises himself, and reading the requirements for the quizzes.

At the end of every primary level tuition session we use games and fun exercises to make the lessons even more enjoyable. We also prepare children for SAT’s and 11+exams using past papers.

To avoid confusing the student, first we do a complete revision of all the lessons in the National Curriculum for his level, and then we start practicing on mix exercises and tests. If you consider that our approach to tutoring is suitable for your child do not hesitate to book your primary level tutor.

Advantages of primary tuition with us

Our tutors are very capable to improving your child’s level of knawledge in a short periode of time, but we all know that this is not the best way of doing things. Your child could get confused and stressed if he is pushed too hard, that is why it is better to start taking primary tuition lessons earlier and have one hour per week.

What a primary tutor can not do

The primary tutor who is preparing your child needs your full support and you need to continue his work when he is gone. He will to be able to helo your child to pass the verbal reasoning exam if the student doesn’t read books and write texts, compositions essays or letter to practice his handwriting.

The primary maths tutor will not be able to help your child pass the maths exam if you do not check your child’s homework and do something about it if he hasn’t done it.

Secondary Level

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