KS2 lesson: Negative numbers

Learning Objectives:

  • What is a negative number
  • How to place a negative number on a number line
  • Opposite numbers
  • Comparing negative numbers

[/box] Key words: negative number, less then, greater then, opposite umbers, number line,

Imagine that you need £5 to buy a book but you only have £3 but your friend burrows you the other £2, so you owe him £2

You can write this as:  £3-£5= -£2

Negative numbers are all less then zero

Number line is really useful for understanding the negative numbers

The further right you go the greater the numbers get.

-6 is less then -2 because is further to the left on the number line

-3 is more then -5 because is further to the right on the number line

On this number line the smallest number is -8 because it is the last number on the left side

Opposite numbers

Numbers that are the same but have different sign are opposite numbers

Example:       4 and -4        2 and -2        8 and -8

If you add two opposite numbers it will always equal 0

4+ (-4) =0

2+ (-2) =0

8+ (-8) =0

Comparing numbers

To compare numbers you need to use Inequality symbols:   

-2              or        -242           or       42-8            or        -85                or         5-20          or        -20-2             or        -242         or       42-8          or        -8