How I prepare students for 11+ Exam Entrance

  My approach regarding maths tuition can be structured in three important steps: Assessing the child’s knowledge, fill in the gaps and  practice.

 1.Assess the child’s needs

This process requires a 30 minutes test to find out what the student knows and what he doesn’t  The test conceived according to National Curriculum or sometimes I even use past paper from the school he wants to get into.

 2. Fill in the gaps

After assessing the student’s needs, we need to start building a solid base. This can be done by teaching the lessons that he doesn’t remember or didn’t understand in class and practicing on each one in particular. He needs to practice more at home if he is below the expected level of year group.


After covering all the lessons and getting to the expected level of year group, then we can start doing mix tests and solve some more difficult questions for each lesson. The purpose is to get above the expected level of year group.

For an average child this process lasts between 6 months and a year, depending on his ability of learning and the amount of time spent practicing.

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