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This category refers to different types of equations: simple equations, quadratic and cubic equations, and how each one of then has to be solved.

Elimination method: 2X + 5Y =2 (-3) 3X + 8Y = 4 (2) In order to reduce the x term we need to make it have the same coefficient as the other equation, so we multiply the first one by -3 and the next one by 2 -3 x 2X -3 x 5Y= -3 x […]

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Equation with brackets – Example 1  5x+3(x-6)=7x+13        After expanding the brackets the equation becomes 5x + 3x -18 = 7x +13  the numbers containing x need to be moved on one side of the “=” sign and the resto of the numbers moved on the other side. 8x-7x= 13+18 x=31 Equation with […]

Solving equations with fractions is not as complicated as it seems . Here are some examples to prove this to you:  Before adding or subtracting any fraction the denominator (bottom number) needs to be the same. To get the common denominator, multiply the first fraction by 2 and the next two fractions by 9. After […]

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