KS1 lesson: ODD and EVEN numbers

Learning  Objectives Learn what is an even number Learn how to recognize an even number Learn what is an odd number Learn how to recognize an odd number Key words: odd, even, consecutive, Even numbers The even numbers are 2, 4, 6, 8, An Even number is a number that can be divided exactly by […]

Primary Level Tuition

For  primary level tuition, we recommend you to book  at least one hour weekly. On the first session, the tutor will give the student a file, where he will put all the materials provided by the tutor every week. All lessons are designed according to the National Curriculum. Our tutors apply a vast range of […]

How to pass the QTS numeracy skills test

I know, it sounds hard to have just two shots at this test BUT if you think better there are just three chapters that you need to remember in order to pass you QTS numeracy skills test: Working with fractions, decimals and percentages. On this chapter you only need to know how to turn decimals […]

How to book a tutor?

1.Make contact. The first step is to have a chat. E-mail or call via the contact details provided. We need to determine the type of student, his current stage and goals. This allows us to find the type of help the student may need. 2.Find a Suitable Tutor. We can establish together whether we have someone who […]

Our private tutors

All our private tutors: Are experts in their subjects  Have extensive teaching experience  All must have up to date knowledge of the curriculum knowledge of various exam boards including AQA, EDEXCEL and OCR. We select Bright Young tutors, educated to degree level Who can explain difficult subjects in easy ways, They are  fun, friendly and […]

KS2 lesson: Negative numbers

Learning Objectives: What is a negative number How to place a negative number on a number line Opposite numbers Comparing negative numbers [/box] Key words: negative number, less then, greater then, opposite umbers, number line, Imagine that you need £5 to buy a book but you only have £3 but your friend burrows you the […]

How I prepare students for 11+ Exam Entrance

  My approach regarding maths tuition can be structured in three important steps: Assessing the child’s knowledge, fill in the gaps and  practice.  1.Assess the child’s needs This process requires a 30 minutes test to find out what the student knows and what he doesn’t  The test conceived according to National Curriculum or sometimes I even […]

KS2 lesson: Factors and Multiples

This particular lesson is an important starting point for fractions. Knowing the factors and multiples of a number is very useful when you need to cancel down a fraction or bring fractions to a common denominator. Learning Objectives • What are factors • How to find factors • Divisibility rules • What are multiples • […]