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Numbers are made of digits, a digit is: Numbers can have two, three, and four digits or even more: thousands hundreds tens units digits 4 6 two digits 2 5 3 three digits 3 9 6 2 four digits Ordering numbers The more digits a number has, the higher it is. To order the numbers […]

Decimal Numbers | Academic Owl Tuition

Learning Objectives: Using a number line Partitioning decimals Compare decimals Rounding decimals Key words: Number line, decider, decimal point, less then, greater then, It is easy to understand decimals using a number line Number Sequences with decimals Number sequences are about counting on or counting back Start counting the decimals between 4 and 5 adding […]

Factors and multiples KS3 | Academic Owl Tuition

Learning Objectives • What are factors • How to find factors • Divisibility rules • What are multiples • How to find multiples Key words: factors, multiples, division rules, The factors of a number are all the numbers that divide into it Imagine factors as all ingredients used to build the number: Take the example […]

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Learning  Objectives Learn what is an even number Learn how to recognize an even number Learn what is an odd number Learn how to recognize an odd number Key words: odd, even, consecutive, Even numbers The even numbers are 2, 4, 6, 8, An Even number is a number that can be divided exactly by […]

The new CRB check

Starting with January 2013, the new CRB check is called DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service). The good news about this change is that there is no need for tutors and teacher to apply several times a year for different employers or institutions . How it works QTS tutor Biology tutor Maths tutor Post Tagged with […]

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Passing this numeracy test is vital if you need to start a Postgraduate teacher’s training this September, and we strongly suggest to do it as soon as possible, because changes are scheduled for this exam and it will not make the test easier. How to obtain the PGCE degree with our tutor’s help Before being accepted to […]