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The Qualified Teacher Status test is a basic English test that any person who wishes to become a teacher. Regardless if you are studying at undergraduate or postgraduate level, the test has to be passed before starting to get qualified. QTS literacy test includes: The test itself has five sections and the passing mark is […]

How to book a tutor?

There are only a few steps you need to follow to book a private tutor: Make contact. The first step is to have a chat. E-mail or call via the contact details provided. We need to determine the type of student, his current stage and knowledge.  This allows us to find the type of help the student […]

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We will give you some good reasons why you should choose our maths, science and English tutors: Creativity. We use the most innovative tutoring methods but we also combine then with the old fashioned ones, in order to obtain the best results possible in the shortest period of time. Flexibility. We are able to adapt to your […]

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Academic Owl Tuition has been designed to serve the London customer base with a quality maths, science and English tuition. The company has been established by a team of experienced tutors to provide private tuition from Primary up to GCSE level. Our team have identified the weaknesses in the British educational system  and we are trying to […]

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5x+3(x-6)=7x+13        After expanding the brackets the equation becomes 5x + 3x -18 = 7x +13  the numbers containing x need to be moved on one side of the “=” sign and the resto of the numbers moved on the other side. 8x-7x= 13+18 x=31 Equation with brackets – Example 2  4(x+5)-3(x-3)=2(x+5) 4x+20+3x+9=2x+30 […]

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With our GCSE tutors you are in good hands. They are willing to travel to your house and teach your child  until he reaches the desired level. They are all educated to degree level, confident and experienced with the GCSE exams. Starting the GCSE maths tuition  On the first session booked , the tutor is […]

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Primary level tuition Our youngest student is 6  years old and he is very dedicated in learning maths and  preparing for his exam in June. For primary level we have a high demand and vast experience in tuition for 11 plus exams preparation and  SATs: Maths tuition Biology tuition Secondary level tuition For secondary level we […]