11 plus Maths tuition

Your options for 11 plus exams prep

11+ plus mahs  tutorWhen it comes to your child’s eleven plus exams preparations, you have at least three options that you should consider, depending on your budget and maths knowledge: helping your child by, sending him to an after school or finding him a private tutor. Each one of this option has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Finding a maths  tutor for your 11 plus child

This option is the most expensive and the safest for eleven plus exams preparation. If you have decided to hire a private tutor to prepare your child, my advice is “Don’t be cheap!” Something that everybody knows is that quality and cost are directly proportional. Depending on your child’s level, you need to decide how many hours of tuition he needs per week. If he is at expected level of year group, then one hour per week should be enough, but if he is below that level, he definitely needs two hours per week. Even if you found a good tutor, your job is not done. Ask the tutor for feedback at least once a month and also, ask the student if he understands the tutor’s method of teaching. Some tutors will send you monthly reports about the child’s progress.

11 plus maths exams prep in an  after school 

This option is a middle way (from a financial point of view), between tutoring the child yourself and finding him a private tutor. It is a good method to help your child, in case he starts preparing one year in advance, but it is not so recommended if he has a few more months left until the exam. An after school is a more suitable option for children that are at leas at expected level of year group. Remember that there are other children in the class, and yours will not receive all the attention. This option is also time consuming, considering the fact that you have to drive your child to the tuition center, in case you don’t find one in the area.

More about the 11 plus tuition

Where is the tuition going to take place?

Our tutors always travel to the 11 plus students. in order to make this a pleasant and stresless experience for you and your child.

What materials do I need for the 11 plus lessons?

No materials are required of you, just a pen and notebook , but most of the 11 plus students usually write on the materials that we provide.

How many hours of tutoring does my child need to pass the 11 plus exam?

We recommend to book at least one hour of tuition per week and to start at least one year before the exam. If the students has an average level of math, then he can start six months before his 11 plus exams.

We constantly monitor his progress to see if we are getting close to the targeted level.

Passing the 11+ exam and getting at the targeted school, its an important step for a child that will have a strong impact on his future and his aspirations. A dedicated tutor is what every student needs if they are struggling with any subject. My approach regarding maths tuition can be structured in three important steps: Assessing the child’s knowledge, fill in the gaps and  practice.

 Advice from an 11 plus maths tutor

1. Assessing the student

This process requires a 30 minutes test to find out what the student knows and what he doesnt  The test conceived according to National Curriculum or sometimes I even use past paper from the school he wants to get into.

2. Fill in the 11 plus exam gaps through intensive tuition

After assessing the student’s needs, we need to start building a solid base. This can be done by teaching the lessons that he doesnt remember or didnt understand in class and practicing on each one in particular. He needs to practice more at home if he is below the expected level of year group.

 3.Practice, Practice, Practice and pass the 11 plus maths exams 

After covering all the lessons and getting to the expected level of year group, then we can start doing mix tests and solve some more difficult questions for each lesson. The purpose is to get above the average level of year group.

For an average child this process lasts between 6 months and a year, depending on his ability to learn and the amount of time spent practicing.